Day Seven: Did you know that a long distance cyclist uses 3000 calories a day?

Day 7: Friday August 7th

A message from Brian (Please note the views expressed are Brian’s and not necessarily those of the Environment Centre!)

As the new rider its my turn to write the blog (apparently!). After an early and chilly start on the train from Swansea, there was plenty of time for a leisurely coffee before my fellow riders arrived and engaged in an animated debate about the route to the Seven Bridge – apparently its been like this every day so far! But full marks to Nick the navigator; we were very soon cycling in glorious sunshine over the old Severn Bridge with spectacular views down the estuary – and a succession of iconic group photo opportunities. Next stop Caldicot and the amazingly well organized Alan was there before us with with a picnic lunch of gargantuan proportions ( a long distance cyclist uses up 3000 calories every day – allegedly!) . Then with barely a moment to catch up on the cricket we were off again…. But fortunately the winds were kind to us as we rolled gently across the Gwent Levels – and with only minor navigational worries, we approached the Newport Transporter Bridge – a marvel of engineering from 1908 although with closing hours to match…Stopping only for yet another cup of tea – and a brief conversation with a woman whose own charitable efforts were taking her on a 3000 mile journey around Wales – we were soon speeding off on the final leg to Cardiff…Weary legs on my part at this point, but a final stretch on the evening sunshine along the Taff trail was an ideal end to the ride….Nowhere to  park the bikes at the Whitchurch Travelodge, so after a fine Italian meal we’re now all cwtching up with our bikes before a very early start tomorrow for the final push to Swansea…But at least Alan has promised to bring us bacon sarnies for breakfast!




To the bridge….




Signs for home!


IMG_7305        IMG_7296

IMG_7307     IMG_7286  IMG_7293


The old Severn bridge was an amazing experience!




Scott excited for the Newport transporter bridge


IMG_7322     IMG_7323


Hold tight for the crossing




Our last supper together – lots of excitement for the day ahead.